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Rwanda Film Festival 2017




Rwanda, the tiny African country on the eastern side of the continent, celebrates its cinematic prowess with the Rwanda Film Festival 2017 in its 12th run from 2nd– 9th September 2017.

Nicknamed ‘Hillywood’ for the country’s reputation as the ‘The Land of Thousand Hills’ and also for the festival’s genre (it’s a travelling festival!) the Rwanda Film Festival is recognized as the most renowned event of cultural celebration, not only of Rwanda, but also of the African continent. Its objective, quoting from the official website for Rwanda Film Festival is “to promote and encourage awareness, appreciation and understanding of the art of cinema in Rwanda”. This year’s theme, “Versatility” will aim at presenting outstanding films from every corner of the world, weightage on films about Africa.

Rwanda Film Festival was founded by Eric Kabera in 2005 through Rwanda Cinema Centre, a non-profit which aims at establishing a solid foundation for creative space in Rwanda. More on Rwanda Cinema Centre:

Kabera’s wish to reach a larger audience manifested in the Festival’s nature; he made the Festival a travelling Film Festival, which gave the rural communities of remote hills of Rwanda the rare opportunity of participating in this prestigious cultural celebration every year. Running through the country in seven days it brings delight and enlightenment to the Rwandans in the farthest corners of the country, the corners where a cinematic experience in their own language is unheard of before Rwanda Film Festival comes to town. This is why this particular Film Festival is a unique one in its sense of discovery and belonging it gives to its multi-faceted audiences, and always in the emotional touch it rewards the participants with.

The Rwanda Film Festival concludes with victory and elegance with its Award Ceremony, Silverback Awards. Sponsored by Hard Media, London, the Silverback Awards honours the filmmakers of excellence under these categories:

  • Hillywood Award
  • East Africa Award
  • Best Documentary Film
  • Best Feature Film
  • Best Short Film
  • Best Director
  • Resilience Award
  • Rwanda as Seen Around the World
  • Audience Award
  • Out of Africa: Films on Africa


This year, celebrating the 12th anniversary since its inception, Rwanda Film Festival will be bigger and better, hoping to deliver the best one yet. Incidentally this year, the Festival happens after 22 years of liberation, and the organizers are planning to widen the scope. The Festival will highlight the social, economic and institutional development of 22 years, giving screening space to corporate documentaries and community based short films in addition to the programme’s usual agenda of Rwandan and international critically acclaimed films.

The target audience for this year is 500 to 1000 in each of the different set locations, and in keeping with the theme “Versatility” the Festival will revisit a few of earlier locations that have helped Rwanda Film Festival grow during its first few years.

Lycamedia: Creative Communication and Kwetu Film Institute will be strategic partners in making Rwanda Film Festival 2017 Edition a success.


Submission of the entries for the Silverback Awards of RWANDA FILM FESTIVAL 2017 can be done through 

And the deadline is on 10th August 2017 folks! Only two days more, so hurry up and send in your entry!


Filmmakers, film lovers, cinema and creative industry professionals and media are all invited to this massive celebration of culture happening this year in September. It will be a platform for entertainment, networking and experience with the wealth of personnel and film that will be present.

And we at TheCinema will keep you updated on the news of Rwanda Film Festival.

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