‘The Star’ Movie Latest Update

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The Star Latest Update

The Star is an animated, religious interpretation of the Nativity story that is told from the viewpoint of the animals that went with Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem. There’s nothing excessively unnerving or touchy for young children, aside from a scene in which a major, terrifying animals charges people and different animals (nobody is truly prickled). There are likewise two scaring dogs that end up temporarily weakened before they can do any mischief and a couple of different scenes of risk. Lord Herod is brutal and narrow-minded, yet he’s plainly an awful person – just like the flunkies he sends after Mary and Joseph. Expect solid, clear messages about Christmas, family, and confidence; clearly, the film lines up with the Christian faith in Jesus’ virgin birth. It additionally has subjects of empathy and uprightness. Moviegoers of all foundations will perceive a large number of the voice performing artists (counting Keegan-Michael Key, Oprah Winfrey, and Zachary Levi), yet the film is probably going to have the most interest for Christian families.

‘The Star’ Movie Review

The story of the birth of Jesus Christ is one of the most commonly told tales of the last 2,000 years. And in that time, or at least from what I’ve seen of it, there have certainly been worse renditions than the animated feature film The Star.

Granted, after two whole millennia, that’s not exactly a ringing endorsement, but The Star is an animated feature produced for rather young kids, and it’s mostly a bright and inoffensive one. It’s the story of Bo the Donkey, voiced by Steven Yeun, who dreams of being important and gets his wish in a roundabout way after he stumbles into the home of newlyweds Joseph (Zachary Levi) and Mary (Gina Rodriguez), where he becomes an integral part of the family.

‘The Star’ Movie Trailer

An animated fable about the first Christmas, “The Star” reimagines the Nativity story from the perspective of an animal — actually, an entire menagerie of comical Holy Land critters, led by a miniature donkey, who become key supporting players in the tale.

Among the production companies involved in making “The Star” are the faith-based Walden Media and Sony’s religious wing, Affirm Films. The movie is sincerely Christian in its outlook, while also a slapstick animal ‘toon. It’s a mix that works only intermittently. But when it doesn’t pop, it thuds.

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